About Us 

Ruksak45218 is a Registered Charity (1186437) based in Trowbridge in the County of Wiltshire. Ruksak45218 provides the essentials of bedding, clothing, toiletries, footwear, school stationery, sleeping bags and other items, to individuals and Families in Wiltshire.   

We take our name from a derivative of the word Rucksack and the numbers 45218, represent for five to eighteen year olds. We believe in the total equality of ALL young persons and that they should be able to concentrate on their education, free from concerns and distractions over the lack of essential items, they should have, that others on occasion, take for granted. We firmly believe that No Young Person Should Go Without.

We are as a Charity providing information,  that enables Young Persons to achieve their POTENTIAL, it is not enough to just provide the essentials, as a Community, we need to step up and ensure that all Young Persons, have all the information they need to Survive,  Thrive and achieve their POTENTIAL.