Due to COVID19 and the sorting out of our additional storage unit, we are having to pause  ALL DONATIONS of all items except Laptops - Tablets - Mobile Phones and  Supermarket Food Vouchers,   as we need to preserve the health and safety of all our volunteers and to clear an amazing amount of fantastic donations we have received - we will let you know once we can receive donations.

We are only able to accept specific items - they will be shown on our Facebook Page 

Thanks for being such fantastic supporters of Ruksak45218

We also have an Amazon Wish List click here 

Many families are in need of Laptops and Tablets (for Home Schooling) - we also need Mobile Phones (for Vulnerable Persons). 

Ruksak45218 is a charity based in Southwick, near Trowbridge, Wiltshire. We aim to provide essential items for children aged between 5 and 18 who have been referred to us by a professional, for example a teacher, doctor, councillor, council officer, vicar or any other professional who provides a service of pastoral care.

To make a referral, donation or enquiry please contact us here or ring us on the number above.

Many people are struggling to make ends meet, the stress this places on adults and children alike can be unbearable, at Ruksak45218 we aim to alleviate at least some of that by ensuring no child goes without the essential items they need to live their day to day lives.

No child should be without decent clothing, no child should be without the basic tools to enable them to receive a good education, no child should be without the means to keep clean and sanitary, and absolutely no child should feel less worthy than their peers.

To refer online please click here