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  • This site is for everyone in society, that is concerned with the Relief of Poverty in Childhood, however Poverty is caused, the effects are well documented and the impact on young persons is well known,  but in some cases hidden.
  • Our site is for young persons, professionals and anyone concerned with the Relief of Poverty in Childhood, there are those in society, that will go the extra mile, encourage, donate and support ruksak45218, with resources being as they are, ruksak45218 is a valuable asset that can be drawn on.
  • Regardless of a young persons socio economic and educational status, they should be encouraged to reach their goals and achieve their potential.
How do we do this - we ask the public/local businesses/other organisations to help us fill rucksacks with essential items for young persons aged 5 to 18 tears of age, these items can include  - 

  • New clothing for home, school and social use 
  • New bedding
  • Toiletries 
  • Sports Wear/Sports Equipment/Sleeping bags/Small suitcases/holdalls/rucksacks 
  • Reading books 
  • School text books and exam revision books
  • Footwear

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