ruksak45218 are making some changes 

Ruksak45218 is making some really great changes - but the core focus is still PEOPLE - please bear with us as we make changes to our Website - thanks for supporting Wiltshire and BANES persons in NEED.

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Why Essential Items Matter for Wiltshire Persons that are in Need ? 

Imagine you and your family not having sufficient toiletries to wash with, the kids in the family going hungry, for all too many families in the UK, this is not an isolated case, it is now part and parcel of everyday life, if you unable to have the basic essentials in place, everything else falls out of place, the kids place in society and their self - esteem.

Everyone is entitled to a life, it can never be the case that families are just existing, there is so much to poverty that can’t be explained however, we continue to support as many families as we possibly can.

  • Staying connected that’s why in many cases mobile phones, tablets and laptops are a gateway to the wider world.
  • Sanitary products mean period poverty is resolved and dignity maintained.
  • Learning and creativity is aided by having art and craft items.
  • A well earned break is often helped by a cup of tea and a biscuit.
  • Babies need wipes and nappies.
  • Toilet paper is an essential item for every family. 

Ruksak45218 is a Charity based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. We aim to provide essential items for Wiltshire Persons that are in Need, who have been referred to us by a professional, for example a teacher, doctor, councillor, council officer, vicar or any other professional who provides a service of pastoral care.

Young Persons are not just looking for essential items, for example clothing, they are facing issues that previous generations never had to face, on this website, we hope to provide as much assistance as we can.

To make a referral, donation or enquiry please contact us here 

Many people are struggling to make ends meet, the stress this places on adults and children alike can be unbearable, at Ruksak45218 we aim to alleviate at least some of that by ensuring no person goes without the essential items they need to live their day to day lives.

No person should be without decent clothing, no young person should be without the basic tools to enable them to receive a good education, no child should be without the means to keep clean and sanitary, and absolutely no child should feel less worthy than their peers.

Young People are struggling with so many issues, as  a Charity we are providing as much information as we can, so that all Young Persons and individuals  can achieve their POTENTIAL