ruksak45218 what is it all about 

Aims to 

  • support families with the basic needs for their children by providing a rucksack filled with, much needed essentials for children aged 5 to 18 - we are looking at bedding, clothing, toiletries, school stationery, reading/text books and sports equipment/clothing
  • enable parents/care givers  with support, to provide the essentials, for those young persons in their care
How will those aims be met 
  • funding from various streams  for families in need 
  • appeals to local businesses - local community - supermarkets - churches - community groups, to assist with providing items for the rucksacks 
  • linking with local schools to assess level of needs 
What will be needed to make the project successful?
  • funding 
  • publicity 
  • social media 
  • community support and Open Days 
  • volunteers 
  • others with a passion and desire to support families 
  • professionals to refer families to the project 


Volunteers will need to have safeguarding training, along with DBS's to work with families, there will be a safeguarding lead, policies, procedures put in place to report any concerns, with volunteers  checking in to give  feedback and the impact of rucksacks and to  report back on other needs identified

What will be the outcome for families?
  • families to report that their children have the basic essentials they need
  • parents/care givers  to report they and their children feel supported/cared for 
  • for young persons to report that they have had their basic needs met and don't feel any social exclusion due to not having the essentials

ruksak45218 is now running with support from Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire  Social Services.

We are based in Southwick (Trowbridge) and are rolling out ruksak45218 in Trowbridge and will then expand across Wiltshire.

Thanks for your continued support.