Can you assist young persons aged 0 to 18 in Wiltshire ?

Many of our young persons, are living in an environment, where every day is the same, lack of toiletries – lack of food – lack of bedding - lack of heating – lack of gas - witnessing mum or dad getting a “smack” a “kick” a “bashing” a “whack” a “sorting out” a “what they deserve time” or another ”bruise” just appearing – it is time for us to start making a difference - we cannot continue thinking this is happening a million miles away from us.

This is the year grown ups would like to forget however, the legacy of what young persons have been through and are going through will remain with them past 2020, we really do need everyone to sit up, take notice and realise these Young Persons are Today’s Youth of Wiltshire – They will become the Future Adults of Wiltshire.

Our young person’s cannot wait until COVID19 is over - they cannot wait until "The New Normal", is over and we are back to normal - our young person’s cannot wait till Christmas before they receive essential items. Our young person’s cannot keep sleeping on bare mattresses - our young person’s cannot keep missing school due to lack of sanitary products the family cannot afford, or the young person does not feel able to ask teachers for.

Many young person’s cannot wait till Christmas to receive underwear - pyjamas - toiletries - they need these essential items now.

On Saturday 21st November we will have a few tables outside our office in Southwick - if you would like to donate an item for say a Young Person aged from 0 to 18 years of age, then all you need to do, is to put the item into the age relevant box.

We then make up packs for young persons with age appropriate items in there.

For example, if you would like to assist making up a bag for a 3 year old young person, that identifies as male, these are some items that can go into the bag

winter coats

For example, if you would like to assist making up a bag for a 14 year old person, that identifies as female, these are some items that can go into the bag

sanitary items
school stationery
winter coats

Due to COVID19 - Health and Safety of staff/volunteers - storage space we cannot except any items except for the following

• school stationery
• art and craft items
• toiletries must be new
• sanitary products must be in sealed packaging
• underwear must be new
• mobile phones for vulnerable persons
• laptops for home schooling
• tablets for home schooling
• printers (working) for home schooling
• printer ink
• hairbrushes and combs must be new
• health and beauty products for persons that have been/are going through domestic violence must be new and in sealed packaging to boost confidence
• washing up liquid
• dishcloths must be new
• washing gel
• washing powder
• fabric softener
• household cleaning products
• colouring books
• word search books
• puzzle books
• rucksacks
• clothing for both genders aged 9 to 18 only can be new or in great condition
• shaving products - (no blades)
• shoes must be new or in great condition - no mud or debris and placed into a bag with size/gender on it please
• trainers must be new or in great condition - no mud or debris and placed into a bag with size/gender on it please

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Donating Financially

Donate Via Text
To donate £1 and opt into telephone and SMS marketing consent from us
text POTENTIAL 1 to 70085
To donate £1 and opt out of telephone and SMS marketing from us
text POTENTIALNOINFO 1 to 70085
Texts cost the donation amount – plus one standard rate message

Donate to us in person

Unit 19 Dunkirk Business Park Frome Road Southwick BA14 9NL
Please ring the bell and we will come down to meet you
Mon – Tue – Wed – Thu – Fri 915am till 215pm
Saturdays 21 Nov – 28 Nov – 5 Dec – 12 Dec from 9am till 5pm

If you wish to donate an item

Our general email is
Our referral email for young persons aged 5 to 18 is
Our referral email for young persons aged 0 to 5 is
Our website is

If your employer/local charity/neighbours wants to become involved in Ruksak45218 or Babyruksak and has time for volunteering/collecting items/donating financially - then please get in touch - we are keen to do more and more and for that we need your support


Team ruksak

For the stats minded in the past 28 days we have given out across Wiltshire

250 packs of sanitary products
100 winter coats
200 tooth brushes
200 tubes of toothpaste
500 pens/pencils//pencil cases
200 rolls of toilet paper
50 bottles of washing up liquid