Tackling Disadvantage 

In the United Kingdom, there are so many children and young persons, that are facing disadvantages on a variety of levels, Ruksak45218 will work with the families and young persons, by providing a rucksack of essential items, such as bedding, clothes, toiletries and footwear etc. When you have young persons that are facing issues of peer pressure, mental health, domestic violence, poverty, neglect, illness, low income parents/carers, poor housing, educational issues, we feel that for a young person, to have to go without the essentials, is just making their lives worse and this should not be the case, as they already have enough to deal with on a daily basis.

Ruksak45218, aims to ensure that no young person should go without. Lack of essentials in a young person's life, is a complex issue however, there are no simple, easy or straight forward solutions, so we work with others, to ensure there is a suitable outcome for the young person, Ruksak45218 will do all we can, to support our Young Persons.