Many Wiltshire families cannot afford to send their kids back to school in September 2021 and this is causing them mental anguish and anxiety and the current school term has not yet finished - this is the stark reality for many Wiltshire Young Persons - kids need to have fitting shoes - clean school uniform - rucksacks or holdalls (not carrier bags) - pencil cases (not freezer bags) - water bottles (not recycled squash bottles) and the list goes on and on - Kids need to have their dignity maintained at all costs - why should any child be singled out – would you want your child bullied as they only had a carrier bag to use as a rucksack.

We have been asked repeatedly, not to highlight this issue - as it is felt that Poverty doesn't exist in Wiltshire and any family with a mobile phone, Sky subscription or Netflix, has rendered themselves, ineligible for any assistance.

We fundamentally disagree and ask for your assistance, our aim is to ensure, that those Young Persons that are most in need get a School Starting Pack before they leave for the Summer Holidays - please help us provide Starting Packs for Young Persons in Wiltshire - they deserve to start School in September 2021 - as well prepared as any other Young Person - we have many, many families in need - we can't accept that in 2021 - kids will start school in School Uniform Poverty - School Shoes Poverty – Period Poverty, Haircut Poverty.

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One parents story (details changed at families request)

Mary’s wife lost her job, Mary was happy to stay home looking after the kids, domestic violence entered into their lives, family got into debt, mental health engulfed the family, house had to be given up as it was no longer affordable, temporary accommodation was all that was available, family went from many rooms as a family to just a couple of rooms, growing children need feeding, clothing, heating and lighting, all on no income and just universal credit, new school year is looming and mum has nothing in the bank and relies on emergency credit to keep lights and gas on. Mary asked us, “how can she provide for the kids New School Year”

This is why Ruksak45218 is asking for your assistance – Please help us – so we can support Mary and others - Mary reminded us she still has sleeping bags, a tent and waterproof clothing from previous donations given to her.

Thank You