These are the words of a young person ruksak45218 assisted - this is how they wanted their story told and why we exist- 

"My dad was physically and emotionally abusive towards me, never understood the reason why, he just hated me and everything about me, to this day, he doesn't care if I am alive or dead, as long as there is something in it for him, then he is happy with that, no one knows what I went through from being the victim of rape, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse,  to being confused as to my sexuality and suffering from severe mental health issues, it has been a lot to cope with and I am not even out of my teens yet.  Just because I look ok, doesn't mean that I am, it is ok to ask how I am.  Some young people especially me, dont really mind, on occasions, someone showing that they care.  Being mentored by and supported by ruksak45218, they have enabled me to realise my goals and potential, I am now looking at going back into education and being able to provide for myself.  The great thing with the team at ruksak45218 is that they never made judgements about me, my family or my situation and encouraged me to believe in myself, that I was actually "somebody of value" and not as my father used to call me "a waste of time, effort, space and money"  It sounds simple but the rucksack given to me, made me able to have stuff to wash with and a pillow of my own, that was clean, sofa surfing, sleeping on a bare mattress, stealing washing pods, stealing food are all in the past, I am in a good place now and intend to stay there".