Our appeal - click for details

AROUND 150 laptops are urgently needed for pupils across Wiltshire from schools, whose pupils do not have access to technology at home.  

Ruksak45218, have donated over 100 laptops, however we have now handed out all our computers, tablets, and laptops but there is not enough to go around.  

Therefore, Ruksak45218 are now launching an urgent appeal for donations of laptops, computers, tablets, and accessories – such as headphones, to ensure all of the pupils, that require online learning, have access to all the equipment, that is needed. We cannot have young person’s that do not have access to technology, so they can learn at home.  

The majority of the pupils that are in need of this equipment, come from families that are often disadvantaged and are not able to afford these devices, that will aid learning, through no fault of their own.

We are seeking assistance so that all pupils, will be able to access education material, this will reduce the pressure on families, who are facing the greatest uncertainty, due to furlough, redundancy, mental health and other reasons.

Ruksak45218 hope that companies, computer companies, other businesses will donate devices and accessories that will enable remote learning. Ruksak45218 hope that by donating devices, the companies will detail what they have done on social media.

Ruksak45218 acknowledge that we are all in challenging times, and if you are in a position to assist us, then it would really be appreciated.

It is really critical that all our young persons are in education, Ruksak45218 has the aim that all young persons, aged 5 to 18 and in education, are in receipt of all the essentials that they need, and that no young person is ever left behind.